Our mission and why Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre exists

 To provide approachable, flexible, empathetic & personalised specialist nephrological

medical care...


...Because we care about the physical and mental wellbeing of our patients and their families



In Dr Francisco's words:


"In our centre, we see patients as individuals and we care about their peace of mind, which is crucial to aid in the process of healing.


We aim to maintain our patients well informed about their disease and their progress. We guide patients but also empower them to take better care of themselves, as their outcomes depend on how well their take care of themselves when the doctor is not around -which is most of the time.


We want to dissipate as many worries as possible from patients. This will help them reduced their stress levels, so they can focus on taking care of themselves, while being able to pay attention to and enjoy other important matters in their life (family, work, school)..


We do not see patients as people with symptoms suggestive of kidney disease or failure, for which we shall simply need to prescribe medications or start dialysis. On the contrary, we see patients as human beings coming to us feeling unwell and not understanding why, unable to perform properly what they used to do very well, unable to enjoy the things they used to enjoy...


Patients come to us with worries and sometimes fears about their life and future, thinking -Is my life endangered? Is it going to be shortened? What would happen to my plans? What do i need to do now? Can I afford good treatment? What will happen to my family?- Sometimes, patients cross our clinic doors with their dreams and life expectations hanging on a thin line...


...we believe we can help to make that path smoother for them.


So, a crucial part of our care and the range of services we provide is to be approachable and address patients' queries and ease their worries and concerns as soon as possible, in the best possible way, to avoid dragging that stress throughout their daily activities. We want them to have or regain their peace of mind and minimise unnecessary stress and sleepless nights.


Similarly, it is essential to be flexible and be willing to see patients whenever and wherever they feel more comfortable (today? at their home? with all their family members?) and to negotiate and to tailor patient care to their needs and possibilities, whilst offering a wide range of services (clinic visits, home visits, telemedicine consultations, etc).


Receiving the correct treatment is essential, but healing, physically and/or mentally, is more likely achievable in a conducive environment led by a sympathetic and empathetic approach from a doctor and his team.


When you put in patient's shoes and you sincerely care about their wellbeing...this is not difficult".







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