Description of services



1) Office consultations during working hours

  • By appointment in our centre @ Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital


2) Tele-consultation (replacing visiting the centre)

  • For patients already registered in our clinic and with a stable condition

  • Suitable for very elderly patients, patients with poor mobility or very busy patients

  • Via Skype webchat

For emergencies and potentially life-threatening situations: Please go to the nearest A&E or call an ambulance first (dial 995 in Singapore), then you can update Dr Francisco.




  • Cardiac tests

Performed by our partner cardiac labs

1. 24h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

2. Echocardiogram

3. 24h holter monitoring

4. Electrocardiogram

5. Carotid duplex ultrasound

6. Bioimpedance

  • Bedside and ambulatory tests

1. Urine dipstick

2.Ambulatory glucose monitoring (Libre)


  • Medical reports


1) Ordinary medical report

  • Fee 175 SGD + GST


2) Filling of insurance form

  • Fee 175 SGD + GST


3) Specialist medical report

  • Fee 275 SGD + GST


4) Report for court cases and legal matters

  • Fee depends on the complexity of the case and the report


Please email us or call us to enquire more about these services.

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