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Our Location


  • Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre @ Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital#07-32, 38 Irrawaddy Rd, Singapore 329563


Centre opening hours

  • Mon to Fri 0900-1700 H

  • Sat 09:00-12:00 H

  • Other times, including evenings, Sat PM, Sundays and Public holidays, the centre is closed

-Walk-ins not possible as Dr Francisco has other professional duties within Singapore.


Contact for appointments and administrative issues


  • Office phone +65 62619066





Line open 0800-2000 H weekdays and Saturdays -Singapore time. If you cannot reach us (eg Dr Francisco is busy or overseas), please drop us an email or contact us through this website.


  • Fax +65 62612966


Contact for urgent medical issues for existing patients


  • But remember, in case of emergencies and potentially life-threatening situations, go to A&E first or call an ambulance dialling 995 in Singapore.



Please fill the form below, send us an email or calls us to book an appointment for any of our services.


If Dr Francisco were busy or outside the centre, please leave your details (name and contact number) to the receptionist and Dr Francisco will call you back as soon as he is available.


If you are enquiring about our kidney transplantation services:


  • In our centre, we assess the fitness of recipients and donors for kidney transplantation, but we only perform kidney transplants where a genetic relation (family) exists or a strong emotional relationship (like spouse or distant cousin or a very close friend) can be demonstrated, and after approval by our ethics committee.

  • Our centre is NOT involved in selling or purchasing kidneys for the purpose of transplantation.

  • We have been contacted by persons willing to sell their kidneys.  We are very sorry that they are in such desperate situation of wanting to sell their kidneys and we sincerely wish their financial situation could improve soon, so they do not need to resort to that.

  • Selling a kidney can give donors an immediate economic gain, but that will not last for long, and can give them risks during the surgery especially if not performed in the correct conditions, plus long-term risks, especially if there is no doctor monitoring their condition adequately in the future. Besides most donors selling their kidney eventually regret it.

  • Please do NOT contact us to try to sell your kidney. Thank you very much.

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