• New patients: New patients from Singapore or overseas are welcomed. Please book an appointment online or by calling us or emailing us.


  • Patients already known to Dr Francisco: You can text him or call him and discuss your concerns and worries. He understands your medical or financial struggles. He will be honoured taking care of you again.


  • Online registration when booking (optional): By registering online, you can manage your appointment: cancel and reschedule it as needed.


  • Payment upon booking online: You can pay upfront by paypal or choose to pay at the centre. At our centre, at present, we accept cash, visa, master card, Amex, NETS & Union.


  • Cancellation if booking online for doctor-specific services: We have a patient-friendly and -centred cancellation and refund policy for medical fees by Dr Francisco. He focuses on care, service, your experience and your satisfaction; being honoured by your preference. So, no need to worry about paying upfront, it is just another option for your convenience.


  • Cancellation if booking online where services from third parties involved: For services where third parties are involved (for example chaperone and nurse fee or medical procedures), payment upfront might be necessary and their particular cancellation policies will apply, but this will be explained to you beforehand.


  • Published fixed prices: Our prices are fixed and published online in this our official website and displayed at the centre for transparency, your convenience and to avoid disappointments and misunderstandings

  • .Surcharges apply for: Consultations or services out of office hours have a 25-50% surcharge in published costs, depending on the service.


  • Booking through our partner websites and Apps: You can book our services through our centre or through some of our partners: Dr Francisco's medical fees are synchronised and fixed, again for transparency. However, it is the responsibility of the third parties to update their website/App with our published fees. Apologies if any inconsistency found in listing websites; please always refer to this page for current fees. In addition, other or extra services e.g. charge for nurse or chaperone might defer depending on the company you or Dr Francisco engages (depending on your preference and their availability).