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Meet our kidney doctor

Dr Francisco Salcido-Ochoa


His patients and colleagues working with him call him 'People's doctor', because of his kind care, empathetic approach & having at heart the best interest for his patients

Kidney and medical problems we manage
  • Management of chronic kidney disease

-Diabetic kidney disease / Glomerulonephritis / Nephrotic syndrome (protein in urine) / Nephritic syndrome (blood in the urine)​ / Polycystic kidney disease

  • Management of acute kidney failure

-In-patient investigations, kidney biopsy and acute dialysis

  • Electrolyte imbalances


  • Management of kidney failure:

-Kidney transplant / Haemodialysis / Peritoneal dialysis / Conservative treatment with retardation of renal disease

  • Management of type 2 Diabetes mellitus (treatment & prevention)


  • Personalised & holistic weight loss diet and lifestyle advice (OLYMPIA Lifestyle Health Enhancement & Weight Loss Programme)


  • Management of other metabolic problems

-High blood pressure (hypertension) / High cholesterol / Gout

  • Urine infections

  • Renal nutrition

Our services
  • Clinic consultations

  • Tele-consultations (webcam)

  • Home visits

  • In-patients admissions to Mount Elizabeth Hospitals (Novena & Orchard), Gleneagles Hospital, Parkway East Hospital and Farrer Park Hospital

-Because COVID-19, at present only in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Why to choose us?
  • Because we provide you approachable, flexible, empathetic and personalised specialist nephrology medical care

  • Because we care about your physical and mental wellbeing and the one of your family

  • Because we see you as an individual and we care about your peace of mind, which is crucial to aid in the process of healing

  • Because we are transforming the diet & lifestyle of many people to prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes or their complications




OLYMPIA LIFESTYLE Health Enhancement & Weight Loss Programme


A life-changing, health-promoting, disease-preventing, personalised and self-care-empowering weight loss programme


  • -Destined for health-conscious people, who would like to remain healthy and prevent metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes mellitus or their complications (if they already suffer them), so they can live a longer, fuller and happier life to fulfil all their dreams.


  • -Based on principles of positive behavioral psychology, a healthier and more balanced diet and more active lifestyle; what has been demonstrated to be effective and safe in a healthy loss of weight, and what is recommended by international guidelines


  • -Spiced with elements of precision nutrition and a personalised empathetic care, support and coaching by Dr Francisco and his associate clinical dietician Hui Xin.


Because prevention is better, cheaper and less painful than cure...BOOK NOW!

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Taking care of your health with empathy and flexibility

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Dr Francisco Salcido-Ochoa @ Francisco Kidney & Medical Centre, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, #07-32, 38 Irrawaddy Rd, Singapore 329563


Tel: + 65 62619066 

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